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Biography: Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 -13 September, 1996) also known as Lisane Parish Crooks, 2Pac, Makaveli Pac was an influential rap star.Tupac Amaru is an Inca name meaning Shining Serpent and Shakur is Arabic for God Grateful Beginnings .

Tupac said, I never knew where he was or who my father. His godfather, Geronimo Pratt, was also an important character in the Black Panthers. His stepfather was a merchant Mutulu drugged which, according to Tupac, I was never around to give the instruction he needed.

A note to consider is that Tupac has released more songs after his death than during his lifetime. Shakur was extremely dedicated to his work during his short career.Even launching new songs and remixes of his music. Before his death, Tupac has sold more than 33.5 million copies. According to his friend’s band Shock-G, Tupac wrote many times to 3 songs per day.

Because his mother had to move to different safe houses, Tupac never had many friends, so that was devoted to poetry and journal writing. At age 12, Tupac became part of a Harlem theater group acting as Travis in Raisin in the Sun.

At 15 she moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he was accepted into the Baltimore School for the Arts. A Tupac liked his classes and had the opportunity to study theater, ballet and other arts. Tupac wrote his first rap in Baltimore under the name “MC New York.” The song was about gun control and was inspired by the murder of a close friend. Two years later, Tupac Afeni sent to live with a family friend in California.
In 1990 Shakur participated as a dancer for Digital Underground. His ability to rap quickly increased and its lyrics were not so remarkable, in turn, will be met by ambivalent because of their attempts to act like a diva and his violent behavior, although this behavior was occasionally. Shakur made his first appearance on a record with Digital Underground This Is an EP in 1991.
The last album released by Tupac during his lifetime was The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. Released two months after his death, this album predicted his death in many songs. It is said that the entire album was created in 7 days and one of the most popular songs of this album, “Hail Mary”, they say, in just 30 minutes The album sold over 5 million copies .

Theories abound about his death, some say he is still alive, others that his murder was a government conspiracy and thus a large repertoire of hypotheses but not accurate and conclusive evidence.



Movie. Poetic Juice

The loss of her lover to gang violence and alcohol in his mother’s suicide has made Justice a recluse whose singular form of expression and survival is his poetry.Abandoned and alone, speaking of Justice difficult character masks her insecurity and distrust of the people. Lucky is an unconditional Post Company has successfully resisted the temptations of a seemingly natural existence on the streets. Dedicated to raising her daughter while her mother spends her days at the crack of Lucky ambition to transcend the limitations of life on the campaign forced him to spend weekends in Oaklan where the first eight-track garage of his studio, recording rap songs that allow you to creatively express her rage and create hope for their future. Both the Justice and luck are loners and dreamers to take forward the status to make your own destiny.Against the backdrop of urban despair and loneliness, struggle to find love, hope and ultimately, personal transformation.

this movie is one of my favorites because they show the reality that is not shown in the ghettos, marginalization and social differences that exist in these places.
Also because it shows the desire to emerge from a man struggling against their environment and social stagnation where poetry and music are the way out to express and show their dissatisfaction with the society around him and the other reality shows justice where a girl works against crime in these neighborhoods but in the course of the movie you realize that this is caused by the marginality gives them locked alone in a world where they can go and where you need to know to survive and create money for the lack of jobs and makes them DISCRIMINATION these being of these neighborhoods.
This happens when this girl knows the boy in this neighborhood i keep a loving relationship where it is complicated since the beginning are marked by the thoughts of each.
Very good movie

Comment about dancing

Usually the presentations of the songs on my course were good ecepto of two groups who had to repeat it in the previous class.
The presentations were based on singing a song in English making it the same choreography and the day of presentation, present it with proper clothing for the song and give each group choreography.
Almost all the submissions complied with the request, some groups accept that one of its members do not wear the costumes needed or did not sing with the track if the same song with which each group to adjust the sound tube for the teacher to sing time for each student could hear the pronunciation and if the letter was learned. The best from my point of view of all groups was the lady gaga song and the choreography was adequate and well-coordinated and managed the matter of pronunciation of the selected song, and the worst groups were the dilemma that the track retested the next class because there was forgetting lyrics, laughter and very low volume of each member when singing as when giving the presentation was no problem with the track and had to sing the same song, and the other was Thriller that also presented the following class as the choreography was uncoordinated and not everyone knew well the lyrics, but for each group the second time I went they gave rather than the first time.
Everyone in the most satisfied with the job.


My name Aymara Salamanca Troncoso was born on February 12, 1993 . my mom called Ingrid, and my father Vladimir. I live in Santiago in the town of San Joaquin alone with my mom. I did my elementary school in Santa Isabel College, where I knew that would be my best friends. Rocio Camila and with which we went to parties almost every weekend.After we met with my friends to that would be another of my best friends is Stephanie who is now pregnant. The high school I’m doing in school Alberto Blest Gana, where I had enough friends, but Constance is now just a year ago I know. and now I have a new friend named Lukas, with classes I talk too much and not let me concentrate. I like listening to music in my free time and hanging out with my friends to dance. I like rap and my favorite artist is Tupac .

I’m nice and good friend.