Comment about dancing

Usually the presentations of the songs on my course were good ecepto of two groups who had to repeat it in the previous class.
The presentations were based on singing a song in English making it the same choreography and the day of presentation, present it with proper clothing for the song and give each group choreography.
Almost all the submissions complied with the request, some groups accept that one of its members do not wear the costumes needed or did not sing with the track if the same song with which each group to adjust the sound tube for the teacher to sing time for each student could hear the pronunciation and if the letter was learned. The best from my point of view of all groups was the lady gaga song and the choreography was adequate and well-coordinated and managed the matter of pronunciation of the selected song, and the worst groups were the dilemma that the track retested the next class because there was forgetting lyrics, laughter and very low volume of each member when singing as when giving the presentation was no problem with the track and had to sing the same song, and the other was Thriller that also presented the following class as the choreography was uncoordinated and not everyone knew well the lyrics, but for each group the second time I went they gave rather than the first time.
Everyone in the most satisfied with the job.


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