Movie. Poetic Juice

The loss of her lover to gang violence and alcohol in his mother’s suicide has made Justice a recluse whose singular form of expression and survival is his poetry.Abandoned and alone, speaking of Justice difficult character masks her insecurity and distrust of the people. Lucky is an unconditional Post Company has successfully resisted the temptations of a seemingly natural existence on the streets. Dedicated to raising her daughter while her mother spends her days at the crack of Lucky ambition to transcend the limitations of life on the campaign forced him to spend weekends in Oaklan where the first eight-track garage of his studio, recording rap songs that allow you to creatively express her rage and create hope for their future. Both the Justice and luck are loners and dreamers to take forward the status to make your own destiny.Against the backdrop of urban despair and loneliness, struggle to find love, hope and ultimately, personal transformation.

this movie is one of my favorites because they show the reality that is not shown in the ghettos, marginalization and social differences that exist in these places.
Also because it shows the desire to emerge from a man struggling against their environment and social stagnation where poetry and music are the way out to express and show their dissatisfaction with the society around him and the other reality shows justice where a girl works against crime in these neighborhoods but in the course of the movie you realize that this is caused by the marginality gives them locked alone in a world where they can go and where you need to know to survive and create money for the lack of jobs and makes them DISCRIMINATION these being of these neighborhoods.
This happens when this girl knows the boy in this neighborhood i keep a loving relationship where it is complicated since the beginning are marked by the thoughts of each.
Very good movie


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