a political point *

My opinion about politics is that I find interesting but it would be more if the ordinary people worry more abo

ut the subject as this not only is for a sector, if not all, because if all the people involved changes to the people would be different because most is this. In politics these days is mainly in the hands of economically well-off which most of the time they g et the power by the same people who do not learn to choose the one you sold without thinking that this might give importance only to their social class giving only crumbs to the people to conform with it.
I think that organizing and having a social conscience can achieve many things for the welfare of workers and those who have low purchasing power and the rule is not a capital with which to play favoring the Minority Whip of the country.
If we all participate and see the bottom of the social problems and play a role in the politics of our country, things would be different.
My opinion is to be integrated and worry because we are all that make up this country and if there are organizational changes will be seen as everyone thinks in this society we live in freedom but I think that this is not freedom.



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